Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Now for something new....a rant

I have finally finished transferring all my previous aoHELL journal posts. Now, why did they have to go and decide to shut down their journals? **grumble...grumble** Ya know, the whole ftp way of saving them that was posted in one journal, totally frazzled my brain for a good 2 hours before I gave up. Robyn's new journal shuts down my browser every damn time I try to look at it. She's been having difficulties as well. Not to mention, her AOL journal has been up for YEARS compared to mine. And she keeps it up to date on a more regular basis than I. WOW AOL, nice going! Just erase our lives while you're at it. Wait, that's what you're doing, isn't it.

Ya know, I feel a little bit crazy for re-posting everything over here. I suppose I'm lucky that I didn't have so many posts. However, to everyone whose kept up a daily journal and wishes to keep it, man, I feel for you. Again AOL.....great job (note the sarcasm!!)

Man, I must be getting tired.....I don't have nearly as much venom and energy as I did earlier. To everyone whose trying to figure everything out and start fresh, good luck.

I'm goin to bed...till next time.



Robin said...

Looking forward to see what "creations" you have been up to lately.

Brittany said...

I think That AOL made a good choice as to where to direct us too. But I still can't believe they decided to shut down their blogging service. I mean it went strong for 5 years! They will be sorry! I think people will like it better over here once they get a hang of it and then ask themselves why they thought AOL was so great in the first place LOL. AOL lost A LOT of money.