Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How it all started

Hi there,
So this is my first entry, and I thought I would give you a little background information on my art.

For as long as I can remember, I have loved making things, drawings, paintings, pottery, jewelery, pictures, music....ect. You might have guessed that I am very creative.

In junior high school, I found polymer clay. Our art class was focusing on jewelry, so I got the chance to experiment with the medium, and I thought, "Damn, if this isn't the coolest stuff." Our art teacher would cut us pieces about the size of a quarter, and tell us to make something with it. I made a necklace with a band logo on it. (I still have it somewhere.) Compared to what I can do now, you might have guessed, that it is really a beginners piece.

Then for a long time, I didn't touch the stuff, I couldn't remember the name of the clay, or I had other interests. A lot of my credits gained in senior high were that of the art department, again, painting, sculpture, pottery, and jewelery. I loved the jewelery classes, I took at least one every year. Working with metal was so much fun, but alas, no poly clay.

I didn't get into the clay again till I had my first "love". He bought me a sampler pack as a gift. I didn't really make much with it, as he told me that it was expensive. (I still have clay from that pack....lol.) I did at one point make a sculpture of a cartoon character from the show Pokemon, just to prove to him that I could do a better job than he did, lol. That, and I found that particular Pokemon to be cute.

Then there was another big gap with my clay creativity. I didn't make another thing again till 2 years ago. I had become very depressed. I didn't think that my life was worth much. I had dealt with a destructive depression in the past and now that I was an adult, I didn't want to walk down that path again. It was nearing Valentine's Day, and I didn't have any money to give the most important person in my life, my mom, a special Valentine. So, I dug to the bottom of my drawers, and found my clay. And I sculpted, shaped, cut and molded it. Finally I baked it, and I was so happy with my work that I didn't wait till Valentine's Day to give it to her. She loved it, and when I told her the other reason why I made it, she was happy. She was happy that I was finding a new way to relieve my stress and depression.

And from there I just kept on creating.....Valentines for my neices and nephews, gifts for birthdays and Christmas ornaments for the kids. It hasn't stopped, sometimes real life catches up and I put the clay away for a while, but I've always gone back to it.

I always have an eye out for new inspirations and techniques. I have even started to dream about things to make. So, it truly has changed me, it opened my eyes and made me remember that I am worth something. And when I start feeling down, I just dive in to my clay, and everything feels better again.

My sister in law encouraged me to create this journal to share my work. She as well as many other people have commented on how much they love my work and how I should sell it. I have put a lot of thought into it, but for now, all I will do is create and share.

So thank you for reading and keep checking back. Soon, I'll have some pictures posted.

And just so you know, it all started with ....

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