Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So tired of being tired!!!

Well, it's been a while, huh? I just get so tired since the surgery, today is the first day that I haven't taken a nap at noon. Thank you all, again, for your well wishes. You don't know how good that has made me feel. I'm kinda bummed that I haven't been on here much. I don't think that I can thank you guys enough.

This wasn't my first surgery, actually my third, but it was still scary. The first surgery I had was on my knee. I was a pedestrian and I was hit by a car when I was 17, they had to go in and fix the cartilage behind my knee cap. Then, I had a huge ovarian cyst (the size of a beach ball!!) that had to go. I looked 9 months pregnant! I kept being asked when I was due. (The first person to ask me was the pastor at my great aunt's funeral....that was creepy.) But this one was the first time that it was like an emergency surgery. And that really scared me. Everyone kept telling that my scar is cute, UMMM....no. It sure don't feel cute. But I guess that is supposed to mean that it will be just a little scar when it's all said and done.

Do you want to hear a creepy story? Not a gory, give you nightmares, kind of story, just creepy. Ok, well mom had her appendix removed when she was a little girl, like 5 or so. Her scar is huge, it actually causes her pain. That's not the story. Anyway, my grandfather died on March 28 many years before I was born. Mom says that every year something happens around the time of his death that is unusual, mostly a huge blizzard. Two years ago our cat of 16 years, Scrapper, passed away. This year, I had my appendix on the anniversary of his death. Grandpa's passing, mom's appendix already gone, it seems like he's out there, sending us reminders. Gee, thanks gramps.

I just noticed that I've been getting more and more comments on my entries. I'm sorry that I haven't really responded. I don't use AOL, so I don't get the notifications of new comments. I wish I knew how to have them forwarded to my regular email. Any heads up will help me out.

Bea asked me a few questions, and I thought I'd answer them.

I found the bamboo tut at Polymer Clay Central. Here is a direct link for you: Bamboo Pen.

I prefer to use Premo and Fimo soft, but since the company that makes Fimo changed their formula, I've started using Premo more. The change in Fimo changed the baking temp, and before I knew about the change, I noticed that the piece I made looked a little burnt. I don't like Sculpey because it gets too soft, and it's a little too brittle after it's cooked.

The pitcher was a glass pitcher. And it was a thorn in my side. Originally, I attached all the little pieces to it with just a thin coat of Elmers glue. Well, when that dried, the pieces were cloudy. Part of it's appeal, to me anyway, is that you can see the fish on the other side through the glass. So I plucked each and every little piece off and re-attached them with liquid clay. Once that baked, a whole bunch of the bubbles slipped down, and the fish weren't sitting right either. I plucked them off again! I finally just used crazy glue and with a little help from mom and one big headache later, it was finally done. I tend to become a perfectionist when it comes to my art, and I wasn't going to be ready to give it away till I was satisfied with it.

Even tho I've been away for a while, I have been working on some projects!! It's taken a little longer than I would have liked. Like I said before, noon-time naps. It kinda sucks to only be awake for 4 hours then be so dead tired. I'm just about finished with a few of them, and new ideas are coming to me every day. All I need to do is get some pics and I'll post them when they're ready.

So look for another update real soon.

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