Tuesday, September 30, 2008

History of Dragons


I love Dragons. They are second only to white tigers. So, of course I'd want to sculpt them with my clay. Here are a few of my dragons.

"Dragon of Flames"
This guy I gave to my brother as a Christmas present. He isn't the first dragon I ever made, although, he is the first one that I ever got a photo of. When I made him, I noticed that his horns were VERY delicate, so I decided to get the dome for him. Funny story, I looked online for the dome, and X-mas was approaching fast. There would have been a very slim chance that I'd get one ordered in time. On top of that, the prices for the domes were a little out of my range, and I wasn't absolutely sure that I'd get the size I needed. I looked around at the local craft stores for anything that would suit my needs. Alas, nothing quite right. One day, out of the blue, Mom and I went to a thrift store. Let's say I wasn't very hopeful that I'd find what I needed, but on the slim chance....

The store isn't all that organized. There are 5-6 isles of household merchandise and knick-knacks. We searched high and low, by the 4th isle, all I had was one of those domed clocks that was made of plastic and was too short. I was losing hope fast! By the second half of the 4th isle, I saw it!! I weaved my was through the crowd of people and snatched it up. The dome was perfect, no scratches, no cracks, and the height and width were perfect. I had expected that I would have to make a few more trips to the store before I found the dome I needed. All I have to say....That was fate :)

I used 2 candle holders to construct the base and I sealed it with some black clay and hot glue. Bill loves it. They have since moved into corporate housing, and have had to store most of their belongings into storage while they search for a house. Yet, my "Dragon of Flames," still sits proudly on a shelf in their home.

"The Hatchling"

PhotobucketThe Hatchling leftThe Hatchling Right
You know this little guy. I finished him in February. He answered the question of what came first, the dragon or the egg. I intended to just cover the egg. However, things don't always happen as they are intended. (Am I right or what?!) After baking the egg a second time, I dropped it into some ice water (that helps translucent clay become more translucent.) Science alluded me that day, and the egg imploded. My cute little egg had a gaping hole in it!!! "Darn it," I thought, "now what?!?" "Well, it looks like a dragon egg, why not make a dragon for it." That's what I did, I even constructed a nest for him to sit in.

And now, My most Favorite piece to date.

"Azreth of the Rock Pond"
Here he is!!! Azreth!!

Remember when I told you about going over to Robyn's? I created him then. I bought a polymer clay book,
"Dragons" by Christi Friesen. That book inspired me to make him.
It took me a while to come up with his name. Finally I went over to Rum and Monkey and used their dragon name generator. I remember how many combinations I went through before I found a fitting name. But I do remember what the final combination was, "Seth walk underfoot." My brother gave that to my cat Seth when he was a kitten :)

Once he was done, I realized that he needed a home. So, I gave him his own island. Robyn and I went out to Micheal's a mere hour before closing and I bought the rocks and wooden base. I made the island and tree out of aluminum foil before covering it with clay.

Azreth looked lonely, so I added a mouse. One can only guess why that little mouse would dare to approach Azreth, lol. Then, I looked closer at the tree. What better animal to perch himself upon a dead tree than an owl. Lol, that little mouse really has some guts.

I finished off the piece at home, I added the water and the rocks. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out! It truly is my most favorite piece to date!

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