Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Coral Reef Pitcher

Visitors from Robyn's journal may remember that at the end of 2006 that my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Don't worry, she's doing well, all the latest tests show that the cancer has not returned.

During her radiation therapy, she has to go everyday for a few weeks. Money was tight, and with gas prices being so high, you can guess that we could use a little help. Thanks to our wonderful neighbors, we got just that. Nearly everyday Jan, our neighbor, gave my mom a ride to the clinic. If I'm not mistaken, mom offered to pay her
for gas, but she declined, saying that she enjoyed the company, and was happy to help.

After Christmas, mom brought me this pitcher that she got from a garage sale, and asked me to do something special to it.

(Sorry about the poor picture quality, I really need a new camera)

Every year Jan and her husband take a cruise in the Bahamas, so I went with a coral reef theme.

This was the longest, most painstaking project I have done to date. So many "technical difficulties." All of the little bubbles kept falling off, my attempts at a clown fish "cane" kept failing miserably. I put in about 5-8 hours a day for two weeks before I was finally happy with it.

Mom and I brought it over to her house with a bottle of wine to share with her and her husband. They really loved it. They found a spot on a shelf to display it right away.

It seems to me that everything I make these days has a story to go with it.

Originally posted on AOL on March 8, 2008

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