Saturday, November 1, 2008

I hope you all had a safe and happy Halloween.

I love Halloween. I love dressing up, I love carving pumpkins, I love decorating and I love the scent of the night. Not quite sure what that scent is, I think it just might the burning pumpkins, lmao. I didn't do anything last year, not that I remember anyway. So this year, I just HAD to pull out every thing I could, which isn't much, but it was fun. I told mom that I was going to get the pumpkins, and climb up into the garage and pull out all the Halloween decorations.

I spent hours carving the pumpkins. It hurt SOO bad tho! If you buy those kits they sell, then you might know the feeling. By the end of Wednesday night, I found one of moms wrist splints for my right hand/thumb. Those tools are not made for adult hands. This little "dot" poker wheel, "Ponce wheel," A. did not work well, and B. was so small and thin that holding it was a problem. Since it didn't work so great, I had to go over the patterns a few times. And the tool to thin out the inner part of the pumpkin was dull and, IMHO crap. I had to use so much force to use it, that it was most likely the main cause my thumb problems. Thankfully, the pain mostly went away by the next morning :)

So, every year that I do pumpkins, I HAVE to do a cat. I've done that cat quite a few times over the years, but EVERY year, the kids LOVE it. I always get so many great comments. That pumpkin was SOOOO strange tho. Then I opened it up, it looked like something out of a horror movie, I told mom to call out CSI. The pumpkin guts lookes like blood and bloody guts AND the seeds, if squished, popped a pimple....EWWWWW. I was almost expecting to find a bullet....lmao. There were a few holes on the outside, some hungry little grub must have had it's fill on my pumpkin. One batch of seeds that didn't get cooked :( At least the other pumpkin was fine on the inside :) I really hate spiders, but the shadow was soo cool, I'll live with it.

Last year, after Halloween, I bought all the pet costumes for 90% off!! Baxter got to be Yoda AND a Mom called Chance TalooLAAAAAA, man did he hate me for "f****** with his dignity." He ran away from me everytime I came out with the braids. Seth's costume was a kitty inside, meaning that he wasn't to be allowed out of the house. Tho, the escape artist that he is, that didn't work out so well. The moment that the front door didn't close all the way, he was gone.

A few years back, I put together a Gypsy costume. I fixed up a thrift store skirt and made 2 pieces of fabric for a headband and a waist wrap. and this year at the Rennaissance Festival I bought a belly dancer wrap. I put my hair in curlers to get that really curly look, and I was a gypsy again this year. Even if I'm not going out, I LOVE dressing up ;) and this year, I even got mom into

I was actually surprised that there wern't that many kids in my neighborhood ToTing, it was so nice, for around here anyway. We only bought 2 bags of candy, 1 big variety bag and a small m&m bag, and I was giving the kids 2 a piece, Mom took some of the m&ms and I took some taffy. I still have leftovers. I guess the niece and nephews are in for a treat next time I see 'em. Watchout Robyn ;)

Oh, and on a totally different note, if you're wondering "Where are her creations?" I hate to say, that there aren't any. Since my appendix surgery I have only made 2 things. This summer was so busy. First, mom and I had to build Baxter an outdoor kennel, then mom had a surgery on her thumb, THEN my grandma was in a car accident, it's just been busy. I recently got a promotion of sorts. See, I'm a Homemaker for my 88 yr old grandma, I had 2 hrs a week for cleaning her rooms. She has half our basement as her living area. Once she had that accident, actually before, her medical insurance had given her an extra hour of homemaking, and 2 hours of Home Health Aide service. So I've gone through the steps to do both for her now. And mom found out earlier this year that she is going to need a double mastectomy. Due to the radiation and scar left over from the lumpectomy, the scar tissue in her breast is too dense to see if the cancer has returned. Also, the scar tissue prevents her from getting implants, she'll need to have her belly cut up, they'll use tissue from there to reconstruct her breasts. That surgery is scheduled for the 10th of December. So, she too took the steps to have me become her PCA, Personal Care Attendant. That too, just recently went into affect.

Thus, I haven't had any time to do any claying. It bums me out, but now that Summer's over, I might actually have some time to get back into it.

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Robyn said...

You look amazing! I love the pics of the pets Baxter is to cute ;) Wow! You got your mom to dress up even, makeup and all! I love all the pics. Wasn't Joshie scary?? lol AND OMG I forgot to call you on my way home from the MOA! Tsk, Tsk. You shoulda called me lol. I am off to take a bath but if your still up give me a call in about 30 minutes. Love you!